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Gents 2nd captain interview

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Hi Martin,

You finished last in the men’s regional league division 1. Can you tell us more about your season ?

Our season was very much one of two very different halves. The first half of the season up to Christmas we struggled to put out a regular team due to injuries and low availability. This hindered the team from building up much momentum and stability and the poor results reflected that. The team needed fresh impetus after Christmas going into the second half of the season and the changes made had the desired effect. With Nairn Scobie taking on the coaching role and alongside daniel stirling (team manager) and with myself taking on captaincy there was a fresh take on moving the team forward and all the players to a man really raised their game. Their intensity at training and their general commitment to the team was fantastic. The run of wins against the top sides of the division was testament to that and unfortunately it just proved too little to late to avoid the relegation spot with other results going against us on the very last day of the season.

How do you see the next season ?

The second team players can take heart from the performances to the tail end of the season with the young players in particular showing great maturity and growth in their play/ability and and will be a vital part in our drive to bounce straight back up. Nothing less than winning the league is acceptable next season and we are very much capable of doing so through maintaining a consistent squad and putting the effort in on the training ground.

What do you think of Uddingston cricket & sports club ?

The club is absolutely fantastic, second to none. Having been part of this club for as long as I can remember it never ceases to amaze me as to how much has been achieved over the years. From the state of the art facilities to the world class youth set up, its great to see how far the club has come. None if this would be possible without the drive, commitment, blood sweat and tears being put into this club by various members who are continually volunteering to ensure the continued growth and success of this amazing club. 

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If you are interesting in any aspect of our club including playing, volunteering, sponsoring please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ladies 1st captain interview

Ladies 1st title

Hi Antonia,

You won the championship league division 2, can you tell us more about your season ?

Throughout the season the girls have shown an incredible ability to step up to the mark when we are under conciderable pressure, beating our toughest competitors and proving once again why we deserved to be at the top of Champoinship B. However we could not have won the league without each team member fighting for each other and without help from key members of Uddingston Hockey Club. In particular, our new coach, Graham Martin, who encouraged us at every game and training session to play to the best of our ability, our new ladies section manager, Angela O'Brien, who was responsible for the organisation of all the ladies teams, and umpire, Andrew Meikle, who provided a consistent, high level of umpiring and readily volunteered to umpire every game. 

What are your goals for the next season ?

Next season we hope to keep improving as individuals and as a team, and maintain our high level of performance. Moving up a division will challenge us, but if this season has shown us anything it's that we are ready for that. 

What do you think of Uddingston cricket & sports club ?

Uddingston Cricket and Sports club has many opportunities for people of all ages and sports backgrounds. There is a great atmosphere, our members ensure that all new members feel welcome, and there is an excellent attitude towards sport. 

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If you are interesting in any aspect of our club including playing, volunteering, sponsoring please email us at 

Two Uddy players have been selected in Scotland U16 team!

Congratulations to Palazzo Uddingston U16 players Louis Gardiner and Ben Carroll who have been selected to represent Scotland Under 16 Boys in the test series against Ulster U17's in Belfast from 15-17th June 2018. The boys will prepare for their travels with a game against the Scotland Senior Women this Sunday at Clydesdale Hockey Club (Titwood). This will be a great game to play against the ladies squad just returned from the Commonwealth games and be excellent preparation for the boys prior to their games in Belfast. First Team Coach Mick Evans is delighted for the boys and says all this experience will be great for the  boys when they return to men’s first XI for preseason training.

Gents 1st captain interview

Hi Tom,

What do you think of the team season ?

Although finishing second bottom, I would regard the First XI  season as being very successful. The success this season includes now having the correct personnel on board as coach, manager as well as now having players signed up for the next few seasons.  We also have had an influx of youth now making regular First XI appearances.  These youth players have been the product of a very successful School Coaching programme.

What are your goals for the next season ?

Now that the squad and infrastructure is more settled, the aim for next season is to have an intensive pre-season and strive to be part of that top 4.  We will be looking to continue to increase the involvement of our youth players in the First XI and having them become more ingrained within the team.

What do you think of Uddingston Cricket & Sports Club ?

The end of season weekend highlighted what our club is all about.  Away from competing in National 1, we are a sociable, family orientated club.  With a couple of busy memorial tournaments on Saturday, followed by the awards evening.  On Sunday, the crocks vs colts took place with family members competing against one another and everyone had a great time.   #uddyfamily


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