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Uddingston Hockey Club and Malaysia Polytechnic set to Sign Collaboration Agreement

Over the past three years Uddingston Hockey club have been developing a working relationship with Majlis Sukan Politeknik, Malaysia, which will enable both parties to benefit not only from the perspective of playing hockey but also through sharing knowledge and experiences.

Over the past few seasons students from the Polytechnic have been playing for the club; returning to Malaysia both as better hockey players and as individuals. The growth they experience through learning and sharing cultural differences enables them to expand their knowledge of the European style of hockey.

This relationship will further develop in October when the Polytechnic host Uddingston Under 16 Boys for a week-long tour of Malaysia that will again strengthen our ties.

Recently we have also welcomed coaches from the Polytechnic to see first-hand how the club is run and to observe the large in-school, youth and development programmes, allowing them to take home the knowledge acquired.

Club Vice President David Goodfellow commented, "This truly is a unique relationship with endless possibilities for both parties to share knowledge and resources with it being only the start of the collaboration agreement".

Polytechnic Hockey Manager Mohamed Rafi Bin M.S. Solaiman commented, "Having our players being able to come to Scotland and play hockey is fantastic however being able to shadow and learn from the club itself is even more important to us and we really see this as being a long-term relationship".

The delegation from the Polytechnic arrives in Uddingston later this week with the formal signing of the collaboration agreement taking place at the hockey pitch at 5pm on Saturday 9th September. All members are welcome to come along, particularly as there are four home matches between 12 noon and 6pm.

To find out more about this collaboration agreement or any aspects of the club email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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