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Gents 1st captain interview

Hi Tom,

What do you think of the team season ?

Although finishing second bottom, I would regard the First XI  season as being very successful. The success this season includes now having the correct personnel on board as coach, manager as well as now having players signed up for the next few seasons.  We also have had an influx of youth now making regular First XI appearances.  These youth players have been the product of a very successful School Coaching programme.

What are your goals for the next season ?

Now that the squad and infrastructure is more settled, the aim for next season is to have an intensive pre-season and strive to be part of that top 4.  We will be looking to continue to increase the involvement of our youth players in the First XI and having them become more ingrained within the team.

What do you think of Uddingston Cricket & Sports Club ?

The end of season weekend highlighted what our club is all about.  Away from competing in National 1, we are a sociable, family orientated club.  With a couple of busy memorial tournaments on Saturday, followed by the awards evening.  On Sunday, the crocks vs colts took place with family members competing against one another and everyone had a great time.   #uddyfamily


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