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Ladies 1st captain interview

Ladies 1st title

Hi Antonia,

You won the championship league division 2, can you tell us more about your season ?

Throughout the season the girls have shown an incredible ability to step up to the mark when we are under conciderable pressure, beating our toughest competitors and proving once again why we deserved to be at the top of Champoinship B. However we could not have won the league without each team member fighting for each other and without help from key members of Uddingston Hockey Club. In particular, our new coach, Graham Martin, who encouraged us at every game and training session to play to the best of our ability, our new ladies section manager, Angela O'Brien, who was responsible for the organisation of all the ladies teams, and umpire, Andrew Meikle, who provided a consistent, high level of umpiring and readily volunteered to umpire every game. 

What are your goals for the next season ?

Next season we hope to keep improving as individuals and as a team, and maintain our high level of performance. Moving up a division will challenge us, but if this season has shown us anything it's that we are ready for that. 

What do you think of Uddingston cricket & sports club ?

Uddingston Cricket and Sports club has many opportunities for people of all ages and sports backgrounds. There is a great atmosphere, our members ensure that all new members feel welcome, and there is an excellent attitude towards sport. 

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