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Next Phase of Respect Campaign - Umpire Development Plan Launched

Following the launch of our Respect Campaign (All About Respect) at the start of this season the club is now moving onto the next phase by introducing our Umpire Development Plan.

Generally the club are delighted how our membership has accepted and embraced our Respect Campaign and we have witnessed across all teams a general reduction in dissent and behaviour issues, which was the key aim and is extremely pleasing to see and have reported back to us by various external parties.

However as a club we also felt we had to improve our members understanding of the games rules while also looking to increase the number of umpires across the club at all levels.

Therefore today the club are launching their Umpire Development plan that will kick off with our Ladies and Gents 1st team squads attending two “introduction to umpiring” nights on the 5th and 19th March that will be the first step in all 1st team players working towards their level one umpire badge.

Following this our aim will be to put all senior teams and junior development players through the introduction to hockey course to enhance their understanding of the rules prior to then mentoring a large amount of these players towards their level one badge and beyond.

Full Development Plan Here

Should you wish more details on our plan or wish to help in any way please contact the club at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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