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Club News – January 2021

Well, we're back into lockdown again, but for a while back in September, there was a lot of activity with our trainee umpires being mentored during the many friendly matches at the club. During this short spell, we even managed to add to our bank of qualified umpires.

Congratulations to Men's 1st team captain, AJ Lochrin on passing his practical umpire test. He is now a qualified umpire!

Recently, the West District Umpires Association decided to offer the Level I umpire theory course by Zoom. This was great news since our club has people who attended part of the course but had not completed it due to the Covid restrictions back in March. The club also asked all members if there was anyone wanting to sit this online course and a few volunteered.

Those who recently completed the course are Niamh Cannon, Emma Cunningham, Erin Dearie, Scott McWilliams, Antonia O'Brien and Emily Powell. Well done to them, and there are another 5 people due to attend the course by the end of January. 

This will bring the total to 20 trainees, who have passed the theory part of the Level 1, and who will start/continue practising during friendlies, once we're back playing, in order to attain a standard to allow them to be tested.

Level 1 Course

The Level 1 qualification is the same as the old 'C' Badge, which many of our qualified umpires have. The original course, before lockdown, had a practical element to it when the candidates were shown positioning on the pitch and run through various scenarios of penalty corners and strokes. This element of the course will be delivered within our own club.

The Rules

No matter what grade of umpire you are, you need to know the rules. Every umpire should be refreshing their knowledge of the rules every so often by reading the rule book.

You can download the rules and guidance from the Scottish Hockey website: or download the FIH app on your phone or tablet. This app is free and very easy to use. There is an excellent quiz, which is very useful for learning the rules, as the rule is quoted in the answer, so if you get the answer wrong, it explains why.


If you would like to be involved in learning to umpire, please contact Jacqui McDove on 07939 178358.

UHC Graded Umpires Outdoor
Fraser Bell FIH
Martin Clark FIH
Scott Baird A-Grade
Jacqui McDove A-Grade
David Mathie B-Grade
Tom White B-Grade
Nathan Allison C-Grade
Lewis Angus Level 1
Graham Beveridge C-Grade
Lindsay Crossan C-Grade
Katie Devlin C-Grade
Harry  Dunlop C-Grade
Connor Evans Australian C
George Finlayson C-Grade
Andrew Fleming C-Grade
Gordon Fraser C-Grade
Steven Gemmell C-Grade
Scott Gibson C-Grade
David Goodfellow C-Grade
Ellie Hutcheson Level 1
Tom Hyndman C-Grade
Taylor Jobson C-Grade
Ellis Knox C-Grade
Jonjo Lavin C-Grade
Craig Leggatt C-Grade
Andrew Lochrin Level 1
Martin Lorimer C-Grade
Jonny MacDonald Level 1
Stephen  MacKenzie Level 1
Andy McArthur C-Grade
Allan McGill C-Grade
Mhairi McGregor Level1
Martin  McIntosh Level 1
Ross McWilliams C-Grade
Abbey Meikle C-Grade
Andrew Meikle C-Grade
Andrew Moore Level 1
Angie O'Brien Level 1
Ross Paterson C-Grade
Steven Percy C-Grade
Sophie Pettegree Level 1
John Platt C-Grade
Tony Rinaldi C-Grade
Ross Russell C-Grade
Iain Scott Level 1
Zoe Sinclair Level 1
Danny Stirling C-Grade
Mark Strachan C-Grade
Jacky Tran C-Grade
Margaret White C-Grade
Emma  Worthington Australian C
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