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Every match needs an umpire!

Umpiring is a great way to be involved in hockey. It gives you the opportunity to give something back to the sport you love, whilst also helping to widen participation in the sport. There are opportunities for everyone to umpire, whether you only want to umpire at your local club or progress to the international stage.

If you are interested in umpiring, we can provide you with the first important stepping stones to becoming a fully qualified umpire. We cannot have a competition without umpires, so why not give it a try? For more details about umpire qualification visit SHU website

The first thing you need to do is to learn the rules. You can buy a rule book from the SHU or you can download from the following link: The Rules of Hockey 2015

The new Level 1 Course

The new Level 1 Umpire Course consists of 2 sessions over 2 nights. Before you attend this, you need to complete an online written test, which can be found at Rules from England Hockey. Much more information is on the SHU website under “Umpires & Officials”.

After the course you go and practice until you are ready to be tested. You can practice umpiring at youth & senior training sessions, school games, District trials and at West District Women's Division 4. Coaching is available. Contact Jacqui McDove for more information on coaching, practice and assessment. Before sitting the practical test, read the guidance for candidates.

Club News

We hosted 2 Level 1 courses for West District last season and the following hold a theory pass: Colin Campbell, Mark Pugh, Colin Stark, Susan Chapman, Anna McWilliams, Julia Chapman, MC McMillan, Rachel Thomson, Stephen MacKenzie and Andrew Moore.

The date of the next Level 1 course is still to be released. Once it is, you should email the West District Umpire association at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you will be sent joining instructions. Please also let Jacqui McDove know.

Congratulations to Angie O'Brien who passed her Level 1 practical on 9/9/17 and is now a qualified umpire.

Uddingston Hockey Club Graded Umpires (Outdoor)
Fraser Bell FIH
Martin Clark FIH
Scott Baird A-Grade
Jacqui McDove A-Grade
Graham Cameron B-Grade
David Mathie B-Grade
Tom White B-Grade
Nathan Allison C-Grade
Jordan Anderson C-Grade
Elliot Baker C-Grade
Andrew Baxter C-Grade
Graham Beveridge C-Grade
Colin Cartwright C-Grade
Lindsay Crossan C-Grade
George Finlayson C-Grade
Andrew Fleming C-Grade
Gordon Fraser C-Grade
Steven Gemmell C-Grade
Scott Gibson C-Grade
David Goodfellow C-Grade
Alan Hamilton C-Grade
Tom Hyndman C-Grade
Taylor Jobson C-Grade
Alan Johnston C-Grade
Ellis Knox C-Grade
Jonjo Lavin C-Grade
Craig Leggatt C-Grade
Martin Lorimer C-Grade
Andy McArthur C-Grade
Allan McGill C-Grade
Laurie McKelvie C-Grade
Ross McWilliams C-Grade
Abbey Meikle C-Grade
Andrew Meikle C-Grade
Ange O'Brien Level 1
Jonathan O'Neill C-Grade
Ross Paterson C-Grade
Steven Percy C-Grade
Barry Platt C-Grade
John Platt C-Grade
Tony Rinaldi C-Grade
Ross Russell C-Grade
Danny Stirling C-Grade
Mark Strachan C-Grade
Jacky Tran C-Grade
Margaret White C-Grade
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